Install Screenlets

Screenlets are small applications to represent things such as sticky notes, clocks, calendars around on your desktop. You can launch a pre-installed screenlet from Screenlet Manager, or install a new one into the Manager for launching it. Here are the steps for installing and launching a screenlet, for example, WaterMark System Information.

1.Install Screenlets Manager if it has not been added.

a. Go to Applications (or Main Menu) > Ubuntu Software Center.
b. Enter screenlets in the Search Box.
Select Screenlets, click the “Install” button.

2. Download the screenlet “WaterMark System Information” to a folder.

3. Go to Applications (or Main Menu) > Accessories > Screenlets.

4. Click Install, select Install Screenlet and click OK.

Browse to the folder, select the file downloaded and click “Open” to install the screenlet into the Screenlets Manager.

Select the screenlet “WaterMark” and click “Launch/Add”. (Tips: you can add more than one WaterMark screenlet and set it to display other system information.)
More screenlets are available for installation from


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