Top 5 Advantages of Why using Linux

1. Free of Cost
Many might of already known Linux is a free of charge.Anyone can download and distribute the Os to their friends and family members.Using a free operating system means not having to spend for even major upgrade or install a new version of your OS.
Download & These Linux Popular Linux Distributions,
1. Ubuntu Linux
Easy installation, a massive package repository and a dedicated user community help keep Ubuntu a great choice for newcomers.
2. PCLinuxOS
One of the few distributions to dramatically change the look of the default KDE desktop.
3. Fedora
The result of a fusion between a noble cause and an uncompromisingly corporate business plan.
4. Mint Linux
Blows a breath of fresh air across a world dominated by brown, blue and purple.
5. Suse Linux
SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop gives businesses greater flexibility.

2. Security
Whenever I think about Windows first thing strikes my mind is Bug and other viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, and other kinds of malware problems.

Though security experts identified viruses in Linux.Generally speaking Linux is Virus FREE.Linux is well protected and are designed to be secure.

3. Free Pre-loaded Applications
Most of the Linux distributions are pre-loaded with essential applications that are also free such as Open office, GIMP(Image Editor), DVD-ripper, and more. So that means you can keep your savings intact. You can also fire up your software or package manager anytime and get more free applications that you want. I’ve been using Linux for past 3 years, and not having to worry about paying for software is priceless.

4. User friendly
Linux is really easy to use i.e Highly user friendly. Most of them tell Linux is very difficult and you need to be a developer to use Linux.No its not like that Linux is as easy as using Windows.

5. Efficiency
Linux is a boon for system with Lower configuration.If your PC can’t cope up with the latest version of Windows i.e Windows 7 , then you should try the latest version of Ubuntu. That is because Linux is efficient and will run faster on old hardware when compared to Windows.
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Personally I love Ubuntu Linux very much.I wish all readers who read this article to explain their friends to use Linux and Promote Open Source Software and their Importance.For how many days we are going to try out the same OLD windows? Try Linux, Solaris, Mac Os X and gain more knowledge on those things gradually…Windows survives because of Games only.They created a impression that its the user-friendly os… Mac is much more user friendly than Windows .

With Regards,
S. Praveen


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