FSFTN Project 2014 Meet

I start my Font converter project. I start my project with the help of FSFTN.

We did the meeting about Project14. We discussed about our project. And Mr. ARUN helped me to start my project. He guides me to learn about Unicode. Today I has a second review of my project. So I am preparing myself for that.

The following is the abstract of my project which is submitted at my first review.

The project entitled “FONT CONVERTER FOR TAMIL” place a major role in Office productivity tool. This project provides a proper solution to the ‘Tamil’ publishing industry. The main aim of this project is to convert Tamil fonts into Unicode which is commonly supported by all systems and mobile devices. If this application is developed, there is no need of installing Tamil fonts to view Tamil characters.
There are lot of Tamil fonts in TSCII and ASCII format. For Example: TAM, TAB, Vanavil, Bamini, Indoword, Softview, Kabilan, Kaniyam, shri TAM, shri Lipi, Ilango, Mayilai, Anu, Senthamizh, Vikadan, Indoweb, TSC, Thinathanthi, Thinaboomi, Dinamani etc,.. These are used in DTP centers.
There are tons of documents generated in these fonts. To view them, we need to install these fonts locally. These documents should be converted to Unicode so that anyone can view them without installing any special fonts. Some of its features are covered by online application.

NHM converter is an online / offline service which does some of these features. But it does not cover all the Tamil fonts available in Tamil Nadu. Already some of other applications (Azhagi, Tavultesoft Keyman, E-kalappai) available in Windows operating system and it does not cover full features and did not support all commonly used Tamil fonts.
The proposed system of our project is to create an Application under GPL V3 license , which is free , open and can be used independent of OS platform.

• Providing a simple user interface.
• It is Open Source Application (GNU/Linux)
• We don’t have the need of installing Tamil fonts.
• We can view the Tamil fonts in all the computers and Mobile devices and Tablets.
• It is an offline application.


One thought on “FSFTN Project 2014 Meet

  1. மிகமிகத்தேவயானதொரு படைப்பு. இதன் மூலம் பலர், FOSSபக்கம் வருவர். வாழ்த்துக்கள். வணக்கம்.

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